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My name is Dante. I am the creator of this new clothing line that I call GP apparel. GP is in loving memory of my Dad. Like his Father, My Dad truly had a heart of gold .He was taken from my family and I way too soon. Mental illness and addiction is something that many people battle with yet can’t easily acknowledge or talk about. This disease does not discriminate. It is a demon that takes over. On this heartbreaking journey I have found that it helps to remain positive and that it can be life changing and possibly life saving by simply spreading awareness. I am creating designs that will help others be inspired and comforted while honoring my Father who fought so hard to help everyone, but sadly just couldn’t help himself enough to stay. My goal for GP apparel is to be able to donate a percentage of the proceeds to a facility or charity that will help people in this situation.

Please join me in making this happen . 



Interested in placing an order or learning more?

Simply reach out today.


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